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Best Cargo Bike

The Maniac is nominated twice in a row
for the "Best cargoBike" Award 2019
which will be presented as part of this year's Cyclingworld in Düsseldorf - the exhibition for finest bike culture. We are looking forward to seeing you there! 


Limited Edition Only

Maniac & Sane cargo bikes are available exclusively as a limited edition. For each year since the invention of the bicycle in 1817, one bike is produced and dedica-ted to a well-known personality of science or culture that has shaped this year.


Made in Germany

Starting with the design and the production of the frame to the final assembly of the components, the bikes are hand-made in the Rhine-Main area and are shipped from there to our customers. Local manufacturing and assembly allows us to keep the outstan-ding quality of our products under control.

Martin Portrait.jpg


Why a cargo bike? The composite industry roughly recruits its offspring from three areas: the model builders, the glider pilots and the (cycling) athlete. If I belonged to one of the first two groups, the cargo bike probably would not have been created. Since I have been practicing cycling for more than 25 years in some form, the time has come. And that fact also explains why our cargoBike is how it is and why we capitalize on bike in cargoBike.

But why in the world a cargo bike?

I simply did not have one yet.

Martin Fleischhauer

More coming soon.

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